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Teleworking Article


In this modern age of telecommunication and technology, it’s becoming more and more common for individuals and organizations to set up teleworking, or telecommuting, networks to conduct their business. But what exactly is teleworking and how does it function? Let’s get to know a little bit more about teleworking, the sort of services involved with it and how we can help you.


Teleworking is actually a term that refers to the method in which a business conducts its communication. Where many organizations rely on physical travel to get employers of staff members from one location the next (consider travelling to a meeting for example), teleworking takes that need for travel out of the equation and instead utilizes resources that provide methods of communication digitally.


These methods can be fairly straight forward; consider fax, email and telephone calls, but they can also be complex and technologically advanced (online network meetings, cross-country communications and so on). Many companies opt for teleworking solutions to help them on a number of fronts. These include saving money travelling, being able to refer to documentation instantly via screen shares, and generally being able to communicate with clients and associates in real time, without having to be face to face.


As complicated as this system may sound, we take the hard work out of teleworking and present you with a great range of services to get your organization or franchise where it needs to be – In the digital universe and readily available online. So what are a few advantages of making the change from physically working to digitally working with telecommuting?


Well beyond the obvious removal of the need to travel to a destination to work or meet with clients, there’s also the benefit of time.  Whether you live in a completely different time zone to your employees or clients, you’ll be able to keep track of the workload via online resources. These can include online project management providers, or via a company-wide system of networks that keeps everyone up to date. This means that you can log in from anywhere in the world, catch up on projects and to-do lists, and then perform them before deadline where you can resubmit them to the necessary parties via email, fax or network.


As teleworking is all done digitally, it also opens the benefit of being able to work from home, or from a private location of your choice. You can hold online meetings, phone calls or anything in between from the comfort of your own desk which has more benefits that many other careers already.


Teleworking doesn’t have to be as complex as many people imagine and after a short introduction to the digital networks and online communities, you’ll be able to run your business much more efficiently than you could if you were to attend an office or external location. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly advisors today for more information on teleworking and how you can get started.